FF6 - The Pheonix Cave

do so, and afterwards you will land atop the Pheonix Cave, you can switch between the two groups using the Square button or the "Y" button if you are playing the SNES version.

NOTE: This place is very complicated and I will try to be as detailed aspossible, but most likely you will be better off doing this yourselfinstead of following this guide. But for those who are really stuckread along as I will tell you EVERYTHING that is in this cave.

Now enter inside and have the first group step on the switch and switch togroup 2 to have them go through the door on the left. After group 2 has gone through have them step on the switch that is above the switch group 1 is on. Switch to group 1 and have them take the right path and hit the switch above to remove the spikes. Now switch to group 2 and move through the path that has been removed of spikes(don't take the treasure chest to the left yet otherwise you will fall to the bottom spikes below) and walk to the right and down the stairs to the switch, step on the switch and the spikes on the floor will be removed, now switch to group 1.

Now walk through and to the next room, the treasure chest to the right doesn't contain anything. Now walk up top and the treasure chest contains nothing so don't bother with it and hit the switch which will reveal three stepping stones over the magma. Now switch to group 2, and take the top left staircase. Here in the Magma room go down and take the staircase up to the next room and hit the switch that will create a bridge leading to the WING EDGE, the bridge is here so that you do not fall to the spikes below. Then goback to the next room and take the stepping stone path, don't get thetreasure chest just yet and hit the switch that you see.

Now switch to group 1 and have them take the path that was opened and go to the switch that you saw above the rock and step on the switch and the rock will move out of the way for group 2. Now switch to group 2 and head towards the next room. In this room there is a save point to the left, so save your game and heal your wounds. Now step on the switch above and switch to group 1. Now walk around the path and onto the next room. Here you will have to use the stepping stones to make your way across around to the next room, and yesthere are still no treasures in the treasure chests.

Here in this room hit the switch and the water will drop below and cool off the magma, now switch back to group 2, now have this group hit the switch to the left which will clear the rocks for group 1, now switch to group 1. Now continue down and you will see a dragon wandering around, ignore it and pick up the DRAGON HORN relic and its optional if you want to fight the dragon. But if you do refer to my Side Areas section on how to beat him. Whether youchoose to or not, do up the stairs and stand on the switch that reveals two rocks. Now switch back to group 2 and have them walk to the left side and to the magma room that had been cooled off.

In this room you can pick up your first treasure chest which is a RIBBON and then continue onto the top left room and walk across the two rocks and now you should be with the other group. Hit either switch at the bottom and switch to group 1 and have them hit the other switch. Now continue through to the bottom and in the next room the party will meet up with Locke. Locke has discovered a legendary relic that can restore life, it has been weakened over time due to the large cracks in the stone.

Locke feels that his life has no purpose ever since that incident with Rachel, but he wants to right the wrong that he had made. Locke decides to go with the party, but only as far as Kohlingen, he then sets the stone near Rachel, but nothing happens. But after a rather unuseful remark by the Patriarch and stone begins to glow and Rachel awakens as she has been dreaming of Locke as she wanted to hear Locke's voice. However the Pheonix has only given Rachel very little time and she must leave soon, but she wants to tell Locke something.

The times she spent with Locke she was happy and at the moment the incidentoccured she only thought of Locke and will never forget Locke and the joy that he has brought her. As Rachel is about to leave she tells Locke that he must forget about the past and stay true to himself as Rachel gives the power of the Pheonix to Locke. She then leaves Locke and the power of the Pheonix now inscribes along Locke. When locke leaves to the room above Celes is with him, but Locke has a new sense of hope and now its time to stop Kefka once and for all.

As Locke and Celes leaves, Locke remembers something. He hands over the the treasures that he had found in the Pheonix Cave(that explains why all those treasure chests were empty), X-POTION, FENIXDOWN, X-ETHER, ELIXIR, FLAME SHLD, and a VALIANTKNIFE. The party has an appointment with Kefka, but don't head to the tower yet. Head towards Thamasa where you had left Shadow, its on a small island at the bottom right corner of the world map.